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House of Reeds is a map-drawing, GMless story-telling game for 2-6 players. It's about home and family, in the broadest senses of those two words.

Follow a family through the years as they age, grow, change, and face unavoidable loss; explore character, and community, through the spaces they inhabit. 

This is mostly a setting-agnostic kind of game, and gives players a lot of control over tone and theme, but most games are likely to be more bittersweet than cheerful; death and departure can be abrupt, the years pass quickly, and you cannot hold onto anything forever.

House of  Reeds is directly inspired by Aaron Reed's interactive narrative 18 Cadence. It would be both correct and incorrect to call it an adaptation.

 Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Version 1.2.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorSam Kabo Ashwell
TagsDrawing, storytelling, Tabletop role-playing game


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