A downloadable tire fire

Matchmaker (working title: The Sheep Hook Up) is the bones of a game that was abandoned some time around 2008-2009. Only the code is provided; I'm not confident about getting it to compile, and the only thing that really works is the character-generator.

It was conceived of, more or less, as the Dwarf Fortress of romance games. It was made in Inform 7. That should tell you everything that's really necessary to understand why it never went anywhere. The idea was that you played a eugenics secret agent, trying to manipulate the young nobles of a European city-state into marriages which would not disgrace their class.

I'd still like to make something roughly in this vein, one day, but this version of it is woefully ill-considered.

Further waffling about the game here.


story.ni 231 kB


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I don't understand half the code, but the part I understand has some admirable ambition =)